It's moving day!

It’s Moving Day!

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The day of your move is all about getting you out of one house and into the new one – if you’ve hired a company, all you’ll need to do is oversee them or stay out of their way entirely.

If you haven’t, it’s essential to have some strong family members and friends on hand to help you shift everything into your van.

Empty one room at a time, and ensure the cupboards (if they are walk-in) are also empty – once it’s done, sweep, mop or vacuum, and do one final pickup, then close the door.

Make it clear to the others helping you that sealed rooms are finished so that people aren’t trailing dirt into rooms that are finished and clean.

The moving day itself will probably pass in a blur, so it’s essential to try to savor your final moments in the house you’re leaving.

You’ll probably have many memories, good and bad, there, and full closure on that period in your life is essential so that you can move on.

You’ll want to keep a couple of boxes or bags spare and on hand so that you can catch anything that you’ve missed, that’s been knocked into a corner, or essentials that you’ve kept out for the move – the latter should be marked clearly so that you can find them at the other end.

Keeping your kettle, mugs, coffee, tea, toiletries, and baby supplies (if you’ve got a small child) separate from your packed belongings might be a good idea, as is keeping any essential work, moving, utility, or ID documents in a safe place during your move.

The latter will ensure that they don’t accidentally go astray or are placed somewhere that you can’t find them.

You should take a final meter reading, and where appropriate, shut down any water, electricity, or gas supplies if no one is going to be in the house for a few days after you.

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