Consumer Verified is actively engaged in promoting inclusive and fair accountability for DOT verified moving providers.

Our mission is to protect the rights of consumers, particularly in underserved communities.

In addition, we are focused on:

  • Working to eliminate fraud in the moving sector.
  • Addressing the need to verify business licenses; and
  • Partnering with similar organizations to increase our leverage and add more resources to protect consumers.

Community Participation

Share Your Client Experiences: Your client experiences can help us bring the dangers other consumers face in the moving marketplace to the forefront and push fraudulent companies out.

Share your client narratives by searching for the company you did business with by clicking here.

Confirm Your Mover Is Verified​

Before deciding on which moving company to choose, make sure they have the Consumer Verified badge. Otherwise, their credentials have not been verified by our company.

Avoid taking unnecessary risks by confirming company credentials, licenses, and insurance before you move.

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Consumer Verified Badge