Gave a 1 star only because I could not rate minus 10. I would have never choose this company my daughter in law did thru a broker Cube Depot Inc. (they charged us $920 guaranteeing Val’s Moving & Storage). We put another $920 down to Val’s Moving for a controlled environment storage unit moved from California to New Mexico. It took 3 months to get our stuff. The contract guaranteed at 3-10 day delivery. She is a scammer and lies every time you talk to her. She would say its on the way be there in 4 days; after 4 days she would say it was delayed and was in her mothers storage in her back yard. This went on for 3 months before our stuff was delivered. The driver informed us he picked it up at a bar on a dirt road outside of Los Angeles. We paid another $920 in cash before Val would allow the truck to be opened. Everything was all thrown into the truck mixed with others deliveries. We only received 1/2 of our stuff. Every box and carton was gone thru with alot of items stolen; from all our computers, movies, kitchen items, large cloths box with cloths and gaming devices plus all games. It took over 4 hours for the poor driver to figure out the complete mess. I am out $3000 plus the damaged delivery and missing items. I have all the documentation with pictures as proof. This was a scam and I hope to save others the same grief it caused me.

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